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"The past does not equal the future." - Anthony Robbins

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Tate (Scripps Ranch H.S.) -vs- Chris (Saint Augustine H.S.)
(post game interview) 2006

619-225-8466 3333 Midway Dr., San Diego, CA 92110


Forcier Family members include; Mike, Michael Forcier (dad), Sue, Suzanne Forcier (mom), Jason, Jason William Forcier (first son), Chris, Christopher Michael Forcier (second son), Tate, Robert Patrick Forcier(third son). Our extended family members include Judy, Judith Forcier (grandma), Bill, William Drysdale Forcier (grandfather – deceased), Chris, Christopher William Forcier (uncle), Debbie, Deborah Forcier (Deborah “Muzzy” aunt), Trish, Patricia Forcier (Patricia “Hargraves” aunt) Cheri, Cheryl Lisa Forcier (aunt – deceased).

Mike, Michael Forcier “Dad” born in St. Joseph Hospital Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Mike Forcier grew up in New Baltimore, Michigan then moved to Sterling Heights, Michigan. As Michael Forcier was about to go into High School he moved to Atlanta, Georgia with his mother, Judy Forcier, and sisters Trish (Patricia Forcier) and Cheri (Cheryl Lisa Forcier). Judith (Judy) Forcier was born and raised in Murrieta, Georgia. After just 2 years Mike Forcier decided he wanted to live with his father in Birmingham, Michigan and that is where he finished High School. When High School was over Michael Forcier decided to move to San Diego, California. After just a few months Mike Forcier decided to move to northern California with his older brother Chris (Christopher Forcier) in Foster City, California which is located in the bay area, San Francisco. Foster City, California is where Michael Forcier (dad) met Suzanne Forcier (mom) after just 1 year Michael Forcier moved back to San Diego, California with Suzanne. In September of 1982 Michael Forcier and Suzanne Forcier were married. 

Suzanne Forcier “mom” born on a military base in Germany was raised in lower Manhattan and then moved to San Francisco in 6th grade. Later; several months passed and Suzanne Forcier moved to San Jose, California where she commuted to her private school in Menlo Park “Scared Heart High School”. Sue Forcier eventually graduated from Sacred Heart High School and soon afterwards met Michael Forcier. As previously stated they both decided to move to San Diego, California. After several years they married. In just 4 years Suzanne Forcier and Michael Forcier had their first child Jason Forcier.

Jason Forcier was born at Sharp Hospital, San Diego. Jason Forcier was the perfect baby in every way, he grew up in Point Loma and Played for Kearny Pop Warner football. His first year he led his team to a flag (San Diego County Championship) game. The going was very rough from the from the very beginning of youth sports as father Michael Forcier, recalled “Daddy Ball”!

The coaches and their friends always wanted to play their sons at the position of quarterback, shortstop, or pitcher, “baseball being the worst”! Instead of fighting a no win situation we simply moved onto the new Clairemont Pop Warner down the street. They of course welcomed us with open arms. However dad then has to deal with the coaches at Tate Forcier level (flag). The same thing “Daddy Ball” this time they made Tate play ‘lineman’ he didn’t seem to mind so we just let it go. All we can remember is Tate looking up into the stands smiling and waiving with no teeth and of course not paying attention to the game. By this time Jason Forcier and Chris Forcier had a pretty good reputation built up. Because we we’re buying our first home in La Costa, California we had to move again. However this time before we moved, while the home was is escrow, father Mike Forcier called around and researched which Pop Warner football teams in the San Diego North County area to find out what team was good and began calling the coaches; by the time we moved in they knew about how good Jason was and we’re recruiting Jason Forcier who ended up at San Dieguito Pop Warner. This is where he was promised to be the quarterback instead he had to share the position with the coaches ‘little’ son. They did end up having a great time and the Forcier Family met a lot of great parents in the Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe area, the team crushed everyone. The following year there was so many problems with younger brother Chris Forcier’s coaches and again their desire to play their own sons at quarterback that we had no choice but to leave. This was the most horrible experience to date that our family had in football; the San Dieguito Pop Warner association. Well Jason Forcier, Chris Forcier and Tate Forcier would have the last and final laugh as they played the next two years for Carlsbad Pop Warner. They had no issues as they rolled thru everyone including San Dieguito. Jason Forcier played his last Pop Warner football game against Rancho Bernardo, the defending National Champions, and they smoked them as Jason accounted for five touchdowns. At this point the San Diego Union Tribune wrote a 3/4 page article on Jason Forcier “The Tour de Forcier”. Jason Forcier was all set ready to go to Carlsbad High School however that summer when Jason Forcier was working out at the Marv Marinovich training facility and every High School in the area including Orange County was recruiting him; including Servite, Mater Dei, Foothill, St. Augustine, La Costa Canyon, Santa Margarita and Mission Viejo to name a few.

Chris Forcier, Christopher Michael Forcier (the second for the three sons) was born at Sharp Hospital. Christopher Forcier, like so many middle children, was a little bit different. Chris was a tall, thin, athletic and very fast, and a personality like a cat, showing little or no emotion. Remembering back to Kearny Pop Warner football where no one could catch Chris Forcier; in one game against Balboa (downtown San Diego). Chris Forcier scored five touchdowns in another games against Valencia Park (East San Diego ‘the hood’). Parents on the other side complaining to officials that he must be older because he was so much faster and taller than most of their kids but in fact he was actually younger, with his end of October birthday, quite a bit younger! By the time Chris Forcier reached 9th grade he clocked 4:5 at the Ohio State Football Combine. Later that fall Chris Forcier backed-up his older brother, Jason Forcier, on Varsity at Mater Dei High School, Santa Ana, California. Chris Forcier also was the starting Junior Varsity quarterback which he led them to an undefeated season including a win over Mission Viejo. The reason why this game stood out so much is that the Varsity Head Coach, Bob Johnson, founder of the Elite 11 quarterback camps came to watch and he couldn’t stand to see what was happening to his Junior Varsity team. He began to call out plays, formations, etc. In other words, “coach” this is unheard of for a Varsity Head Coach to do this. Later that year in December 2003 our family decided that we could no longer continue this long 88 mile each way daily commute back and forth to San Diego to family business, San Diego Limobuses. The commute was killing our family life. Chris Forcier was now in spring ball of his 9th grade year heading into his sophomore season at Saint Augustine High School, San Diego. The Head Coach made it clear he was not going to allow Chris to back-up his older brother up so we had to move in order for Chris to be eligible. We decided to go back to Carlsbad where they had friends and Tate Forcier could finish Pop Warner football. We really didn’t think twice about our decision and who Chris would have to compete with “Sean Canfield” who eventually became the starting quarterback at Oregon State but that was ok because we trusted Bob Macllister, Head Coach at Carlsbad High School. Chris Forcier would again have to play the back up quarterback role but still gaining experience as he played in many important games; meanwhile Chris Forcer was gaining respect all over San Diego North County Football and up into the southern section , and Orange County. Marv Marinvich, the Forcier brothers’ trainer told Chris Forcier that he heard from Dick Enright, former Univ. of Oregon football coach, that opposing coaches like Oceanside and El Camino were more worried about facing Chris Forcier than Sean Canfield. By the end of Chris Forcier’s sophomore season he had one remarkable stat that stood out. “Every time Chris Forcier touched the ball it was a first down or a touchdown.” The following year the Forcier Family decided to move 45 miles south and much closer to the office. Finally Chris Forcier was going to get a chance to win the quarterback job but first he would have to beat out a very good quarterback, Matt Christian, who eventually and ironically transferred to Carlsbad and also went on to play Division 1 AA football. The rest is history; Chris Forcier two-year All State quarterback led his Saint Augustine football team to back-to-back CIF championships in 30 years! Chirs is currently playing football for the Milan Rhinos and set a record by throwing six touchdown passes in one game.

Robert Patrick Forcier AKA Tate Forcier the youngest of 3 brothers. Tate Forcier was born at Kaiser Hospital in San Diego, California. Tate Forcier was the smallest and the slowest athlete of the three Forcier brothers but always had a bit stronger of an arm and always looking down field to pass first then run. He carried many Pop Warner and Junior all American teams to championship games including a win over Dorchester, MA. in the Pop Warner Super Bowl. His favorite Junior All American team; Fountain Valley and coach was Hector Marinez. In High School Tate Forcier started out at Saint Augustine but Lasted just 3 weeks until the Forcier Family realized Tate Forcier wasn’t a fit for this all boy catholic school so the family pulled him out. He enrolled at Scripps Ranch High School, San Diego, California. The rest is history. Robert Forcier is currently not playing football but is preparing himself for the next opportunity.

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